How to deal those demotivated days

We all have those days. You wake up an think-I can't be bothered today. You want to chuck on some trackies and be a vegetable. But you can't. You need to earn a living and you have people that rely on you to get their work done, efficiently and professionally and to the dead lines that they have requested-and you have promised. 

These days are often brought on when you have had a bad night's sleep for some reason, or you are recovering from a nasty cold, or there is perhaps something particularly difficult that you are working on. There are so many reasons and it happens to everyone. The important thing, is to not allow it it stop you. The important thing is to use it, and try to turn it into a positive day.

The first thing you need to do, is get up, get showered an get dressed- properly. Make up and all. This will force you into kick start mode.

The second thing I do on a day like this is relocate my work space. This is not something to make a habit of, as having a dedicated work space is what will keep you organised and efficient. But,on the odd occasion, it is very good for you to have a change of scenery. So for me, I move from my office to the kitchen table for the morning, and then to the living room table for the afternoon. The kitchen is bright and airy and the living room is cosy. The relocation automatically feels like a treat. And I already feel more motivated about the day ahead. 

Now that you are set up for the day, open the doors or windows for 10 minutes. Even if it is cold. If it is warm, leave them wide open. Just let some fresh air in. It is amazing how this will help to clear your head and will make the room feel lovely and fresh. 

Now that you are here and you are in your new work space, suddenly you feel creative, positive and motivated! Bingo! Don't let these days get you down. You are only human after all. 

North Norfolk Virtual Assistant